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Beauty Bioscience GloPRO

Beauty Bioscience GloPRO

Beauty Bioscience GloPRO 1 Beauty Bioscience GloPRO 2 Beauty Bioscience GloPRO 3 Beauty Bioscience GloPRO 4

Photography by Alana Harris

Robe: India Amory

Beauty Bioscience GloPRO – here & limited edition rose gold version here 

Face Wash: Kopari 

Beauty BioScience Face Prep Pads

Beauty Counter Serum here

Happy New Year!

Happy 2018! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We had a great time over the last few weeks with family and friends. However, I am ready to get back to my routine and lay low for a little. Any one else feel this way? Definitely need to recharge a bit. 

Speaking of recharging….

If your holidays were anything like mine, you were nonstop and not being as healthy as usual. One area that I can see a change in when I am eating out & drinking more often is my skin. Add not sleeping as much either and my skin is dry and dull. 

Insert Beauty Bioscience GloPRO…

A few months ago I got a Beauty Bioscience GloPro tool and I have been obsessed ever since. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this fun mircroneedling tool on my stories. I have been using it about every other night since October and really feel like I have seen a difference in my face. Not only do I feel like a glowing goddess after using it, I really do feel like I have seen a difference in the appearance of my wrinkles. 

How it works…

I was a bit skeptical when I first got the tool, because I was worried about rolling tiny needles over my face. However, after watching the science video here I was able to get more of an understanding of how the tool works. I have also been experimenting with different serums, face oils, & moisturizers after I use it. I am currently using the BeautyCounter Face serum after each use. 

Step One –  At night before bed, wash your face. I love Kopari’s coconut face wash. It’s natural but still can get makeup off.

Step Two – Use a Beauty Bioscience Prep Pad. Sweep a pad all over your face and neck. 

Step Three – Turn your GloPro on & roll over your face for about a minute or two. I always start with my forehead working vertically and horizontally. Then I move down my face concentrating on the crow’s feet area, both cheeks, chin, & neck. See tutorial here 

Step Four – Moisturize! “Enhance your fave serum or cream’s absorption by 200x after GLOing” – (quote from tutorial here)

Other Skin Tips…
  • I try to wear a natural sunscreen every day but definitely at least when I am in the sun. 
  • Drink lots of water! 
  • Eat lots of veggies! 
  • Always wash your face after working out and before bed. 


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