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Embroidered Midi Dress from Free People

Embroidered Midi Dress

Embroidered Midi Dress Embroidered Midi Dress Striped Embroidered Midi Dress & Mariella Vilar Clutch Embroidered Midi Dress Free People Embroidered Midi Dress & Clutch Embroidered Midi Dress style

Photography by Alana Harris 

Gold Wire Choker: Very Allegra 

Embroidered Midi Dress: Free People 

Clutch: Mariella Vilar 

Espadrilles: Castaner 

Embroidered Midi Dress…

I am currently at home sick, for what feels like the millionth time since Christmas. I highly recommend everyone take their vitamins because it seems to be going around. Hopefully, I can kick it before we leave on our Italian vacay next week! I can’t believe the trip has finally come! We are heading there for one of my best friend’s wedding in Florence & making a trip out of it. It feels like forever since we have been planning it.

Anyways, back to this look…

I wore this dress when we went to the Dominican Republic in April.  I realized halfway through the night that I had it on backwards…The tie is supposed to go in the back but I actually like it in the front more and have kept wearing it that way. 


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