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Happy Birthday Grammie

happy birthday Grammie{Picture Source}

Today is my grandmother’s birthday. It is hard to think that this is the first year we won’t be celebrating with her. Rather than focusing on not being physically together I decided I wanted to still celebrate, she is still here in spirit. I also know that she is having the very best birthday in Heaven.


{Grammie on her wedding day applying her lipstick}

Grammie would always wear lipstick, whether she was at home in her pajamas or out and about. In honor of her, I wanted to share some awesome lipsticks, as well as some fun lipstick accessories.

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  • Maria Tettamanti

    I love that grammie kept it real in lipstick…even at home:)

    • veryallegra

      always in lipstick 🙂

  • Kate Butler

    Allegra angel… Grammie is watchin over you and know you got some of your classy style from her!!

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