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Warby Parker Glasses

Warby Parker Warby Parker Warby Parker Warby Parker Warby Parker Warby Parker Warby Parker


Have you ever tried Warby Parker? If the answer is yes, you probably are as happy as I am with the company. If the answer is no, I am about to tell you all about it…

Warby Parker is an online eyeglass & sunglass boutique with a fun, great way to pick out new readers and/or sunnies. The founders wanted to create an alternative to all the expensive glasses on the market without having to sacrifice the quality for their customers. They achieved this and more and their glasses start at $95. To make it even better, for every pair sold they donate a pair to someone in need. {It’s a win win!}

Another awesome feature the company offers is the “home try-on” program. This program allows you to pick 5 frames you want to try and sends them to you for free. They give you 5 days to try them on and decide which ones you like. You send them back (again for free) and order which ever ones you decided upon. You can enter your prescription, order them sans prescription, or Warby Parker will call your doctor for you if you don’t know your prescription. Pretty cool, huh?

Not too mention there are totally trendy and fun pairs to choose from.


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  • Maria Tettamanti

    You got to love Warby Parker…and those prices!

  • mayli

    Bravo Legs!!!! Very informative and helpful!!

  • monic

    such cute glasses =)
    Simply Sutter

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