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Lace Up Stripes

Lace-Up Stripes

Lace-Up Stripes Lace-Up Stripes Lace-Up Stripes Lace-Up Stripes Lace Up Stripes Lace Up Stripes

Cross Necklace: Very Allegra

Earrings: Julie Vos

Chain Link Bracelet: Julie Vos

Cuff: Julie Vos

Bangle: Julie Vos

Ring: Julie Vos

Dress: Forever 21

Sandals: Hermes < very similar here >


Hi friends!

Can you believe this dress is from Forever 21? It is awesome material, comfortable, easy to wear, & under $25, truly can’t beat it. I paired it with a new stack of jewelry from Julie Vos. I typically don’t wear that much jewelry by other designers, not because I don’t love other jewelry but because I am always wearing my own designs. However, I am so in love with the gold & turquoise combo from Julie Vos that I made an exception.

I am off to the Florida Keys tomorrow for a wedding & I am so excited to be in the sun and explore the Keys. Follow along on instagram < here >



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