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Backless Floral Mini

 Backless Floral Mini Full View Backless Floral Mini in Front of Peach Door Backless Floral Mini choker necklace Backless Floral Mini with Ruffles Backless Floral Mini ruffle Backless Floral Mini Backless Floral Mini Cute Backless Floral Mini 2

Photography by Alana Harris

Gold Wire Choker: Allegra Fanjul

Red String with “C”: from GRACE boutique

Backless Floral Mini Dress: Flynn Skye

Clutch: Valentino < more colors here >

Flats: Chloe 


Some random workout talk

Most of you might already know that I enjoy working out..yes, I said it. I…like….working…out… I also like eating healthy. Doesn’t mean I don’t indulge (probably more often than I should) but I genuinely enjoy veggies and healthy food. Call me crazy..

Back to the workout talk.

Before my wedding, I was going to a trainer 3x a week while also spinning, running, barre, etc. I was probably doing too much (hello! it was my wedding!) Anyways, after the wedding, I went to a few training sessions but realized I was starting to dread going to work out and felt I needed to switch it up to get out of this workout rut. So I said goodbye for now to my trainer and turned to some group classes like spin, pilates, barre, & yoga. I enjoyed them for awhile but then got so busy during the holidays that I skipped my workouts several days a week for several weeks. Instead of driving myself crazy and “beat myself up” I decided to eat healthy, portion control, & enjoy life. Some days you’ll get a workout in, some days you won’t. It is a journey and a lifestyle, there is no end goal. 

Fast forward to this week…

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to get back to working out more. So I committed myself to doing this Bikini Body Guide 12 week workout program by Australian trainer, Kayla Itsines,. I have done a few weeks or workouts here and there, but never committed to the full 12 weeks. The workouts are always KILLERS & are done in 28 minutes! I have followed Kayla on Instagram for a few years and have been amazed & inspired by the worldwide community she has created with her workouts (she now has over 6 million followers on insta). The transformations on her Instagram alone will awe you!

I guess I was feeling inspired…

I decided yesterday to commit to the 12 weeks. By starting yesterday by May 22 I will be done! Just in time for my 1 year anniversary & summer bikinis! And by starting yesterday, I can hardly walk today…

Who wants to join me?! Comment below!  Or comment below if you like hearing about my workouts?!

You can download the Kayla Itsines app in the App Store! The app sends reminders, times the workouts and even has video content explaining the workout. It may seem a little expensive (about $60 for the 12 weeks) but that is 12 weeks of content for 2 soul cycling classes… 

About this backless floral mini dress…

How cute is this backless floral mini dress?! It is so flirty and fun! I am a sucker for anything with a deep v back and this dress is just that. It is a little on the short side, so I paired it with ballet flats for a cute daytime look. I found this Flynn Skye dress from Shopbop and coincidently they have a promotion going on right now! Use promo code – GOBIG17 – for their tiered sale! Read details below! Sale ends Sunday, March 5th at 4AM ET.



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