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Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White

Cuban Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White Cuban Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White + custom necklace Cuban Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White 1 Cuban Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White Legs Cuban Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White close up Cuban Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White Casual  Cigar Chanel HandbagCuban Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White with flowers Cuban Cigar Chanel Handbag + All White details

Necklace: Custom Very Allegra < read details below >

Bracelet: Julie Vos

Cuff: Julie Vos

Top: Muche et Muchette < from GRACE boutique > I also linked similar ones below

Shorts: One Teaspoon

Cigar Chanel Handbag – from Chanel’s Cuba Collection Cruise 2017 < plain pink here >

Flats: Stubbs & Wootton 


Hi Friends! Happy Monday! 

We are finally back from the Dominican Republic & feel like we were there for forever! It was a great time though with lots of family & friends. However, I sure am happy to be home and back to my healthy routine. I indulged on vacation and its time to get back on track.

I just started week 6 of my workout plan so I will be doing an update post on this soon! You can check out my workout plan post < here > During our vacation, I worked out 6 out of the 8 days we were there, so I was happy that I stuck with the plan even though I may haven’t stuck with the healthy eating. However, life is all about balance, so I enjoyed the fried food, cocktails, sweets, & bread and will be balancing it out this week with smoothies, green juice, salads, and lots and lots of veggies. Moderation is key. 

About this cigar Chanel handbag…

My father’s family is originally from Cuba and moved to Florida many years ago. So when Chanel’s Cruise 2017 collection was all about Cuba, I was immediately obsessed. I thought it was so special and cool that Chanel did the first big fashion show in Cuba last year and wished I could have gone. < watch the video here > Not going will be one of my biggest fashion regrets ever. So after regretting not going to the fashion show, I didn’t want to regret not buying something from the collection. When I saw this little, pink, silk Chanel mini with cigar bands on it I knew it was the perfect piece! It is so meaningful & very unique..don’t you think?! I also love it because it can be dressed up or down and is definitely a conversation piece. 

My custom necklace…

My sister & brother-in-law gave me this gold vintage pocket watch when I graduated college. They thought it was a unique piece to represent the accomplishment. They also knew I would make it into a cool necklace to wear all the time and be reminded of them. I wore the necklace to their daughter’s baptism a few months ago and their friend remembered the pocket watches that her mother has that had been in the family for years. The mom called me a week later and ordered a custom necklace with their pocket watch for her daughter’s 40th birthday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working on custom necklaces like this with such meaning and a special story. To be able to recreate a family heirloom into a modern piece of jewelry that someone will wear over and over again is one of my favorite reasons to make jewelry. I have been doing it for my mom with her family’s jewelry for years. 

If you have a special piece you want recreated, comment below or email me at allegra@veryallegra.com 


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